Cooking With Cannabis: High Tea

  While the world is burning around us it is vitally important that we treat ourselves well. I felt that something I would like to do is put on my nicest clothes and enjoy a sophisticated high tea, but with extra high. I am committed to finding the most interesting and enjoyable ways to consume READ MORE

Queen’s Farm Shop Selling Out Of CBD Energy Drink

The Queen’s very own farm shop has been selling CBD energy drinks, which have been reportedly selling out due to people buying them in bulk. Trip – a brand of energy drink which uses the compound cannabidiol (known as CBD) – comes in for different flavours, and a source has said they have been a READ MORE

Water Soluble CBD

What is Water Soluble CBD?  There’s a common saying that “oil and water don’t mix”. The latest innovation in the world of CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis) is water soluble CBD products. CBD products have risen to fame within the pharmaceutical industry for its highly touted health benefits that can assist READ MORE

CBD Tea Benefits Guide (Recipe Included)

CBD TEA BENEFITS GUIDE (RECIPE INCLUDED) CBD tea can be an incredible thing. It can be served cold, hot, lukewarm, and comes packed with little to no caffeine, in addition to natural antioxidants. There are hundreds and hundreds of delicious flavors available, more than you’d even think to realize.  CBD tea benefits may go beyond READ MORE

Top 5 Best Hemp Beers Sold in the U.S.

Hemp beer has become an increasingly more popular choice for many hemp and beer fans across the country. With exciting new effects when infused with beer, brewers are largely interested in exploring new hemp flavors and profiles. For those looking to explore hemp-infused beer, the following article explains how hemp beer is made and the READ MORE

Svn Space Signature Mocktail Recipes with CBD Oil or a CBD Tincture

Bases for mocktails are available by The Base Co (@the_base_co)                                   Blood Orange Elderflower Spritzer 1 oz (2 tablespoons) Blood Orange Elderflower Base (The Base Co) 0.5 oz lemon juice Add ice & shake Top off with 2 oz. seltzer water  Hibiscus Agave Spritzer 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) Hibiscus Agave Base (The Base Co) 4 oz. READ MORE