CBD News Roundup: Bill Aims for FDA Regulation of CBD as Dietary Supplement

Here’s the latest CBD news: A bipartisan bill pushes for FDA regulation of all hemp-based cannabinoids except THC. A human trial confirms the high absorption capability (bioavailability) of liquid CBD solutions.  Researchers in the UK found that CBD consumption does not affect the brain’s reward centers.  Table of Contents CBD Freedom Bill Presented In Congress READ MORE

A Minnesota farmer’s criminal case stemming from alleged hot hemp is dismissed

The criminal case against Minnesota hemp farmer Luis “Lulu Magoo” Hummel was recently dismissed after one or more witnesses became unavailable to testify on behalf of the state. Hummel had been charged with felony fifth-degree drug sales, felony possession of a controlled substance and gross misdemeanor fifth-degree drug possession. These charges were reportedly filed in READ MORE

Congress reintroduces bill to regulate CBD products as dietary supplements

A bipartisan group of lawmakers recently reintroduced legislation to allow hemp-derived products to be legally sold as dietary supplements. Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader and Virginia Republican Morgan Griffith presented the Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2021 on Feb. 4. There were 17 co-sponsors of the bill. Congress may use READ MORE

Revealed: Delta 8 THC is Legal or Not?

In December 2018, with the passing of the Farm Bill, cannabis products with a permissible amount of THC were legalized. The post Revealed: Delta 8 THC is Legal or Not? appeared first on John’s CBD.

Ukraine’s Deputy Health Minister Favors Medical Cannabis

The cannabis plant has been used by humans for medical and health purposes for many centuries. In the grand scheme of things, cannabis prohibition is a relatively new phenomenon. Sadly, cannabis prohibition has harmed many people over the last century, all over the globe. One sector of society that is particularly harmed by cannabis prohibition READ MORE

Progress Seen in Final USDA Hemp Regs

In a promising development for hemp growers, the recent change of administration in Washington was immediately preceded by the US Department of Agriculture’s issuance of final regulations for the crop’s cultivation.

USDA engages in first hemp meeting since Biden’s inauguration

Representatives of the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently met to discuss the hemp industry’s needs. This meeting, which occurred January 29, represents the first of its kind under the Biden administration. Which industry concerns were discussed? “As we continue to lead the industry as the only D.C.-based READ MORE

Is CBD Legal in California? (CBD Laws in 2021)

IS CBD LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA? As of 2016, CBD is legal in California. California made cannabis legal to possess and purchase for individuals 21 and older. Cannabis products are widely available in retailers, dispensaries, grocery stores, and more. However, state law still prohibits any CBD oil from hemp to be added to foods or beverages READ MORE

Should Legal Cannabis be Taxed According to Potency?

The legal cannabis industry is booming virtually anywhere sales are allowed. For most legal cannabis countries, the industry is limited to just medical cannabis. After all, only Uruguay and Canada allow adult-use sales at the national level so far. Of course, some areas in the United States also allow legal adult-use cannabis sales, but not READ MORE

France To Give Out Cannabis for Free

Okay, it’s an admittedly vague title, but it’s still true. France’s upcoming medical pilot program involves supplying medical cannabis to patients for free, and though the program was postponed, France just released the companies that won the bid to supply this free marijuana. Does THC cause you an overload of anxiety? Does it make you READ MORE

What is the future of the hemp industry under the Biden administration?

The hemp industry may be off to a bumpy start under the Biden administration. The day after the inauguration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withdrew a proposal to regulate over-the-counter-CBD. Although media reports indicate that the action was anticipated, it caused yet another frustrating setback to the hemp industry. At a time when consumer READ MORE

Brexit creates CBD regulatory mess for UK market

Brexit creates CBD regulatory mess for UK market If the CBD market is any indication of how other sectors will be affected by the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union, buckle your seatbelts. Supply-chain slowdowns and lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic have already made doing business in the UK a challenge. Under the READ MORE

Is CBD Illegal? (CBD Legality by State)

CBD LEGALITY BY STATE Is CBD legal? First and foremost, yes, CBD is federally legal. However, some states in the US still consider CBD highly illegal, whilst others have certain legalized regulations around the sale and manufacturing of CBD products. It really depends on where you live, or for travel matters, where you’re headed.  WHERE READ MORE

USDA Final Rule on Hemp

USDA Final Rule On Hemp   USDA Final Rule on Hemp – Total THC – Delta 8 & Remediation USDA Final Rule on Hemp was finally released on January 15, 2021 based on the previous set of USDA hemp regulations that drew public comments from almost 6,000 people. USDA Final Rule on Hemp will be READ MORE

Is CBD Legal in Indiana?

Let’s talk about a common question…”Is CBD Legal in Indiana?” CBD oil is legal in Indiana so long as it conforms to all requisite state and federal standards. Also, the state has a small number of cannabidiol dispensaries, particularly concentrated in locations around major city centers. NO OTHER FORMS OF … Is CBD Legal in READ MORE

There may still be hope for the ‘not perfect’ USDA final rule on hemp

United States Department of Agriculture’s finalized hemp regulations, which were published on January 15, evoked a variety of responses from those invested in the industry. In a previous blog post, we covered some of the changes between the final rule and the interim final rule (IFR) that have industry leaders celebrating. However, the final rule READ MORE

USDA’s final rule on hemp includes three noteworthy changes

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published its final rule regulating hemp production on January 15. The final rule includes some alterations to the interim final rule (IFR), which many in the hemp industry are celebrating. The final rule includes requirements regarding licensing, recordkeeping, testing, disposal of noncompliant plants, and others. Three of the READ MORE

New York’s Cannabis Cultivation License

New York Marijuana Cultivation License New York Cannabis Cultivation License The New York Cannabis Cultivation License is one of the ten types of licenses included in the newest proposed legislation. This may be the year for New York’s marijuana legalization. On January 6, Bill S854 was presented to the New York State Senate. This bill READ MORE

CBD News Roundup: FDA Provides Framework for Future CBD Research

Here’s the latest CBD news: The FDA published a report detailing their plans for data collection and research improvements in the area of CBD research and regulation.  Yale researchers have funded a randomized trial that will measure the effects of CBD on the female brain with a focus on anxiety. A recent survey by University READ MORE

New York Cannabis License Application

New York Cannabis License Application New York Cannabis License Application Information New York Cannabis legalization is getting closer, after lawmakers filed a bill that legalized the adult-use cannabis program in the Big Apple, business men and women can start getting ready for New York cannabis license applications. Legalization in New York may not be yet READ MORE