The 10 Tastiest Flavoured CBD Oil’s

Now let me start by saying the biggest factors that should affect your purchasing decision shouldn’t be taste when it comes to CBD oil, it should be on the brand reputation, CBD quantity as well as other cannabinoids such as CBG, the lab reports, what carrier oil they use etc. However, I know the majority READ MORE

Using Your Rosebud CBD as Massage Oil

If you’re not giving yourself (or your lover) a rub-down with CBD oil, you’re not doing it right… But seriously; although our list of go-to relaxation techniques is long- staycations, warm baths, makeout sessions, Lizzo beats, a glass of red wine or a CBD mocktail– we think there are a few routines that stand out READ MORE

Cannabis & CBD Oil

  One of the most popular cannabis extracts is oil, likely because it is easy to consume, healthier than smoking and far stronger than smoked cannabis. However, when it comes to oil there are a few different types. The most popular and cannabis oil and CBD oil. But what is the difference between these two READ MORE

Relieving Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief | Do They Really Work?

Relieving Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief | Do They Really Work?   Known for its tested and tried remedial effects against several maladies and illnesses, CBD has become a critical component of our health and wellness routines. The product’s curative nature alleviates persistent aches and inflammations — something that can bring utmost ease to READ MORE

Ethica CBD CBD Oil Spray Review

Ethica CBD is a UK based CBD brand launched by Ruarri Spurgeon, Roland Prinz and Olivier Reiner, following 30 months of work researching the industry and working out how they could bring a set of amazing products to market. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, this is a brand that has a strong focus READ MORE

Relieving Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief | Do They Really Work?

Relieving Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief | Do They Really Work?   Known for its tested and tried remedial effects against several maladies and illnesses, CBD has become a critical component of our health and wellness routines. The product’s curative nature alleviates persistent aches and inflammations — something that can bring utmost ease to READ MORE

Is a CBD oil the same as a CBD tincture?

With so many cannabidiol (CBD) products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. As you begin researching those options, you will likely find information about both CBD oils and CBD tinctures. Since the two products can look similar, they can be easily confused, and some sources may READ MORE

Top 10 Strongest CBD Oils to Try in 2021

If you use CBD oil or are even just doing some research to see if its right for you then the odds are you’re looking for something that you know is strong and will work! Most people that use CBD oils or other types of cannabinoid based products and substances are typically seeking: pain relief better sleep READ MORE

Supreme CBD Oil Review

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Supreme CBD, a British CBD brand launched one year ago by Anthony Fowler. I’m trying a stronger formula than most I review, up at 3,000mg. This is an organic, non-GMO formula which contains no chemical solvents or pesticides, extracted utilising a CO2 process. How Much CBD Do You READ MORE

The 54 Best CBD Oil’s In The UK

There are so many CBD oils available in the UK, it is hard to know where to start or which one to choose from. Here I will try to detail all of the different CBD oil’s I have tried, their various metrics and quantities and then I’ll detail below a bit of a breakdown on READ MORE

Receptra Naturals Body Oil Review [2021]

Welcome to our Receptra Body Oil review! Receptra’s Relax + Arnica massage oil contains excellent herbs like arnica, lavender, and, of course, 200mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. The oil is intense both in its scent and ability to provide relief. While the relief wasn’t as strong as we were hoping, it’s excellent for promoting serious READ MORE

Hempura CBD Oil Review

I am now reviewing the second product by Hempura, the Hempura Original 250mg CBD oil, following on from the CBD white chocolate. This has come at a time where I’m balancing looking for a house to buy with the stresses of sorting out consultancy work and finding new clients, so some CBD oil is exactly READ MORE

CBD Oil for Skin (CBD Skin Benefits & Products)

GO-TO GUIDE FOR CBD SKINCARE PRODUCTS & BENEFITS The benefits of CBD for the skin include less inflammation, decreased sebum production, powerful antioxidants, skin-calming and soothing properties, just to name a few (we’ll get into details below)! CBD skin care products are taking the beauty industry by storm, not to mention the world of holistic READ MORE

Nordic Oil FAQ: The CBD questions you’ve always wanted answers to

We asked customers from across the globe for things they’ve always wondered about Nordic Oil and CBD. From dosing to drug tests and from pets to products, we’re here to answer  your questions. What is the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate? Many consumers and potential customers are often confused by the different READ MORE

Exploring the Benefits of Green Roads CBD Oil

You may have several questions in mind about the usefulness of CBD oils and several questions can hover in your mind when you visit a shop to get the product. It’s true that one can hardly question the effectiveness of CBD oils today, and it seems that the product has certainly gone around everywhere and READ MORE

Products to Help You Chill Any Time of Day From CBDistillery™

Whether you’re expecting a tough day or are just trying to chill out, CBDistillery offers hemp-derived CBD products to help you unwind and calm your mind. Whether it’s starting the day off on the right foot, giving you a boost at lunch, or helping you to prepare for a night of restful sleep, products such as hemp-derived CBD READ MORE

3 Reasons to Try Hemp-Derived CBD Products From CBDistillery™ This Winter

Have you ever wondered what the big deal about hemp-derived CBD is? Well, everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a major system in the body that contributes to a variety of functions. While non-intoxicating, hemp-derived CBD bonds with the ECS receptors necessary for maintaining and regulating those functions. A leader in the READ MORE

Is the CBDistillery™ Ambassador Program Right for You?

Think back to when you bought your first hemp-derived CBD product; what made you choose it over others? Chances are a good friend recommended it to you, and you haven’t looked back since. Word of mouth is everything in the hemp-derived CBD industry, and when a hemp-derived CBD fan finds a brand or hemp-derived CBD tincture they READ MORE

3 Tips to Grow Your Hemp-Derived CBD Wellness Business

No matter your industry or products, all business owners want to see their dream keep growing year after year. If you’re in the wellness industry, offering hemp-derived CBD oil for sale, among other products, you face unique challenges in addition to tremendous opportunities for growth. If taking your business to the next level is on your READ MORE

How Is CBD Made? (Find Out About the Intriguing Process)

How CBD Oil is Made: Introduction CBD (Cannabidiol) is becoming ever more popular today, now being incorporated into many products such as topicals, drinks, and even as massage oils. Many swear by CBD’s amazing effects, helping them treat anxiety, depression, and other ailments. CBD can be extracted through many different methods. We’ll discuss them below, READ MORE

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Advantages & Uses

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Advantages & Uses More and more countries are legalizing the use of marijuana because of its benefits. CBD is a chemical compound found in the marijuana/cannabis plant, and there are multiple products made from it. One of them is the CBD oil that has recently gotten popularity.  What Is CBD READ MORE

Plant People CBD Oil & Capsule Review

Plant People CBD Oil & Capsule Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin If you’ve ever considered buying CBD products, chances are you want to get it from a company devoted to producing a premium top-shelf product. And chances are you want to know that they know exactly what they’re doing. That’s certainly the case READ MORE

Greenlife Organics CBD Oil Review

Greenlife Organics CBD Oil Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin Give me that green life, because I’m ready to go! Greenlife Organics delivers an organic tincture that is pure gold. No, literally, the product’s name is Pure Gold! According to the company website, this is one of the best CBD oils for sleep. CBD READ MORE