Strawberry Bliss CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg


Bottle Size: 10ml Potency: 25mg Uses per Bottle: ~ 10,000 puffs or 1,180 pulls/draws Fills 10 1ml cartridges Type: Full Spectrum VG: Yes PG: No MCT: No

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Strawberry Bliss CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mgUnwind with the soothing, smooth flavor of Strawberry Bliss. Enjoy the cool sweet strawberry flavor and the benefits of CBD from Pure CBD Vapors. We offer free shipping on orders over $100, and ship quick. You’ll enjoy our Strawberry Bliss, as much as our superb customer service!This vape oil comes from the stalk of the hemp plant, giving you over 400 phytonutrients found there. You’ll get plenty of puffs and pulls from the 10ml bottle with 25mg of CBD inside. Oh, and we use Vegetable Glycerin (VG) only in this product, so no Propylene Glycol (PG) has been added.INGREDIENTS: CANNABIDIOL Full Spectrum (CBD) from stalk of Hemp Plant. Over 400 phyto-nutrients from the Hemp Plant VG Natural Flavors AddedClick HERE for Lab Results.