Best Ways to Exercise in Your Home

Moving your body for at least thirty minutes a day is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s because of a busy schedule, or a global pandemic, sometimes it’s impossible to get to the gym. But, when we’re left to our own devices at home, we may not be very tempted to workout. Today we want to share some easy at-home workouts that will get your blood pumping when you can’t make it to the gym.  

Why Staying Active is Important 

If you’re stuck at home, it may be tempting to just lie on the couch and binge your favorite TV show. But, getting up and moving your body could do more good than you think. When you exercise, it will flood your body with oxygen, raise your metabolism, and release endorphins. All of this will do a number of things for your health. 

By releasing endorphins and filling your bloodstream with oxygen, your mood is likely to lift. This will help you focus more, feel happier, and relax. Mental health is a really important thing to focus on with the current state of the world. So if you’re making the effort to get moving, you’re not only helping your physical health, but you’re also improving your mental health, too.  

Exercise can also greatly improve your physical health. It will raise your metabolism, both while you’re working out and resting. It will also keep your body limber and will reduce aches and pains over time (as long as you’re using proper form). If you have a hard time sleeping, working out can help you burn off excess energy, making it easier to fall asleep at night. It can also greatly improve the quality of your sleep.   

Staying active will help you improve your wellness lifestyle overall. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be an olympic athlete to see the positive effects of moving your body—even just thirty minutes a few times a week will make a huge difference! 

Workouts You Can Do at Home 

Now that we know why moving your body is so important, let’s talk about ways to get your workout in without leaving your home. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to home exercise, is making sure that you have an open and safe space to workout in. You want to have a good perimeter of space set up, free from furniture or anything you could break while you move. You can also utilize accessories to your workout, if you have them readily available. Or, you can always substitute things you have at home! For example, a beach towel would be a perfect yoga mat.   

If you’re a big fan of cardio, working out at home is easier than ever. There are plenty of cardio workout tutorials online that are easily accessible. And, because there are so many, it’s almost impossible to not find something you don’t like. Search for things like pilates tutorials, Zumba instructions, and more! A simple “Cardio Workout” search will bring up thousands of results that you can do right from your living room or home office. 

If weight training is more your style, body weight training exercises are perfect for when you’re at home. Instead of using weights to strengthen your muscles, you move in a way that works your body with a little help from gravity. Here are some you can do for both weight training and overall wellness.  

If you want to burn fat, activate your core and back, and increase circulation and mobility, squats are the perfect home exercise. By engaging your core and shifting your weight-bearing to your thighs and buttocks, you can work muscles that aren’t always used for day-to-day activities. Plus, it can make bending down to pick up your kids a lot easier! 

Another great body weight training exercise are lunges. These work great for strengthening your glutes and legs. And, because you work out one leg at a time, it will help increase your balance and coordination. If you aren’t sure how to do a proper lunge, you can always look up tutorials online. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Doing an exercise wrong just one time can do a lot of damage. 

For a home exercise that works out your entire body, try planking. It can be done in a variety of ways, making it easy to adjust according to your needs. It engages almost every muscle group, so it’s the perfect equipment-free exercise. Challenge yourself by planking for a set amount of time, or while listening to your favorite song. Your back and posture will thank you. 

If you’re looking for an at-home workout that will increase flexibility and help put your mind at ease, yoga might be exactly what you’re looking for. Just like cardio, there are a lot of tutorials you can find online to follow along with. It can also be more comfortable for beginners to try things out at home if they are worried about messing up in class. Just find a good amount of space, set up your TV or laptop with the course, and breathe. 

CBD and Your Home Exercise Routine 

If you still aren’t convinced that home exercise is beneficial to your wellness lifestyle, we have just the thing. Did you know that Nature’s Ultra products can add a lot of benefits to your workout routine? Not only do they have high-quality CBD oil in them, they also pack the punch of Young Living’s essential oils.  

If you are learning how to lift your leg over your head from home, we highly recommend using our Calm CBD Roll-On. This product has all of the benefits of CBD, as well as a calming and inspiring scent. Dab some onto your wrists, neck, and chest before doing yoga. The deep breathing techniques you utilize will help you reap all of the rewards from this soothing product.   

Before you start your high-energy cardio routine, try boosting your mood with Citrus CBD Oil. It contains a blend of our CBD oil, and Grapefruit and Orange essential oils to brighten your workout. Apply some behind your ears, on your temples, and chest before working out. Then, get moving! 

If you worked out properly, you should be sore after. Even though this is a sign of a job well done, it’s never comfortable. That’s why we suggest using our CBD Muscle Rub during your post-workout routine. It contains CBD oil, Clove, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and more to create a hot-and-cold effect. This makes it the perfect thing to add to your cool down routine. 

Utilizing any of our high-quality CBD products will make your at-home workout even better. Make sure that you also hydrate, get plenty of sleep, and eat a well-balanced meal! A wellness routine needs good balance all around. 


Being stuck inside can be hard at times, but there are ways to make it easier. For more at home wellness routine tips, stay tuned to our blog. For more information on Nature’s Ultra, click here 

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