Top Gravity Bongs For Sale in 2022

Looking for the absolute best gravity bong options for sale? Well, we got them for you from the most highly rated brands out there today. Including the flip gravity bong first made famous by the comedian Seth Rogan, which went viral when people saw him taking a hit from it for the very first time. This alone blew up the Stündenglass brand, which are the creators of the ingenious flip gravity bong for sale. Which we have for sale at our online smoke shop. There has since been many other bong brands releasing their own unique and innovated versions of the Gravity Bong. Learn about the most popular options from the most top-rated companies. Yes, we have each of them for sale too.

Why do people like gravity bongs?

In case you’ve never tried a Gravity bong, it’s important to learn about them first. There are a ton of advantages of using one compared to a regular water pipe. One of the most popular reasons people buy these new types of bongs is the need for bigger hits from their weed. They are much bigger compared to regular bong options. So prepare to blast off into another level with your bud. 

The next reason is because of their incredibly smooth hits, the filtration is much superior to regular beaker bongs. The third reason is the fact they will build the smoke for you, saving your lungs energy from having to do that part. All that is left is inhaling the weed smoke. So, let’s recap the primary reasons behind the popularity of Gravity bongs.

  • Gigantic Weed Hits 
  • Most Smooth Hits
  • Just inhale the weed smoke after building it with the pressure from gravity! 
  • No contact with the bong, most are contactless weed smoking. 

Flip Gravity Bong flip gravity bong

We start off with the most popular and sought out gravity bong, which has been used by many celebrity stoners since its release. It has also gone viral on most of the social media platforms because of its unique design, and cloud deliveries. People prefer this gravity bong because of its efficiency at drenching cannabis smoke, making it the coolest smoke to inhale. It comes with everything you need to use it as a hookah tool. People also use it as a smoker for food. Nonetheless, its becoming the number choice for premium gravity bongs for sale among stoners. 

Whip type mouthpiece 

Inhale your cannabis smoke with the convenience of the whip like tube, making it possible for contactless smoking. Upon lighting your bud up at the bowl, simply turn the gravity bong and let it build up the smoke for you. Flip it over again, and allow the weed smoke to rush out from the whip like tube mouthpiece. You can also remove this mouthpiece and put your mouth just above over the connection part.

The Stundenglass brand has an astonishing 200,000 Instagram followers. They have since released other versions of their gravity bong. Find it today for sale at the worlds most popular online smoke shop. 

Price: $599.99

Grav Glass Gravity Bong grav gravity bong

The next company to produce a gravity bong which has since gone viral is the Grav brand. They really put out high gravity bongs with great functionality, and for an even more affordable price. We highly recommend this gravity bong option for those on a budget, but still want the most smooth, and giant hits from their cannabis smoking sessions. The water bong design is similar to the original do it your self cut a soda bottle, but instead there is no cutting needed. The glass gravity bong is ready to use and comes with everything you need. 

Borosilicate Glass 

Made with high quality and thick Borosilicate glass, which means it’s not going to crack with a small tap. The material used is meant to make the bong durable, and last a long time. However, this does not make it bulletproof, so still try not to drop it when you’re too stoned from a huge hit. Its also only 9 inches in length making it a more compact version compared to the Stundenglass option. Its just as highly rated too, we encourage you to read the reviews about it from all over the world. 


Price $79.99

Cheapest Gravity Bong For Sale

Okay, so the next gravity bong is not your typical design, it’s an innovated design that will provide just as big hits for a lot less. You will have to see videos of this bong in use to believe the size of hits that come from it. The size of this gravity bong is the smallest option available right now! It has a truly unique design that will build the cannabis smoke for you, and provide humongous cannabis smoking hits. Fill your bowl, and stretch the gravity bong to build the smoke, and inhale! We strongly encourage you to look up some videos of this gravity bong on Youtube, so you can understand how to use it. 

Price $19.99

Cool Glass Gravity Bong from Jenni Pipe

This is the smallest glass gravity bong available for sale, but it provides the similar type of huge and smooth hits as the other bigger size options. Although it does not have the same flipping function as the Stündenglass, it’s used by tilting it in the direction needed. The downstem is removed before inhaling too. Its very simple to use, and many videos available online showing instructions. There is definitely a learning curve to this water pipe, which is important for a good cannabis smoking experience. We encourage you to read the instructions on how to use it a few times before attempting to smoke. 

Contactless Cannabis Smoking 

Enjoy contactless cannabis smoke from this gravity bong water pipe, simply place it below your mouth and wait for smoke! 

Price $149

High Rise Gravity Bong

Again, another company has put their own twist on the gravity bong designs, and produced one of the best options available. This water pipe has some mad pressure which is used to build up the cannabis smoke, and provide ultimate filtration. You really need to see this glass bong in action to understand its greatness. Although this company does not have a huge following yet like the other bong brands, they have a modest 2,000 IG followers who are aware of this affordable option.

Enjoy contactless cannabis smoking with this water bong too, because it comes with a whip tube for the cannabis smoke to travel through. Simply hold it just below your mouth, and get ready for the cooled down smoke to reach you. 

Price: $298

Water Fall Water Bong

Okay, so this is another flip gravity bong, but with a couple of differences. Its also a more affordable option compared to the other flipping bong options available for sale. The creator of this cool water bong are Gypsy Labs, the same people behind the Jenni option above. It comes with a 14mm weed bowl, and downstem. This water pipe is true to its name, and will have water fall through the tiny hole with smoke, resulting in you guessed it, an ultra smooth hit! It first was launched in 2017, but had a major design improvement in 2020. 

Price $210

Glass Gravity Water Pipe

There is definitely no other glass bongs like this one here, it has a truly unique design that works great for smoking weed. It has a metal stand that comes with it to help tilt it when using. Simply light up the weed bowl, and tilt it while lighting so that gravity can build the smoke for you. Remove the bowel, and tilt in the other direction while your mouth is above the smoke. Meaning, you’re going to get a contactless cannabis smoking session. 

Price $199

Premium Online Smoke Shop 

All of these magnificent gravity bongs for sale are available at the, which have a huge fan base with millions of Instagram and Facebook followers. They also have made a reputation in the previous years for being an authorized retailer for many of the most sought out 420 and 710 brands. Visiting their home page, there is a ton of shared reviews that can be seen from their customers, including pictures of their customers and purchased products. They have pre-rolled cones, rolling trays, rolling papers, glass pipes, dab accessories, and bong accessories. 


They also have a ton of useful blog posts for those just getting into smoking weed, or dabbing THC concentrates. Feel free to drop them a comment, and expect a response back quickly. The people behind this online head shop are fellow cannabis smokers, too, looking out for their customer’s best interest in selecting on premium products with a good reputation. Don’t forget to connect with a marijuana doctor if your in the USA, and get a medical marijuana card if your in a legalized state. We hope you found this guide insightful, and enjoy your next water bong purchase.

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